The purpose of SOS: Sisters of Sojourner is to…

  1. Provide culturally sensitive information to empower and educate Black women about HIV/AIDS;
  2. Help Black women understand the various behaviors that put them at risk for HIV and other STDs;
  3. Enhance knowledge, beliefs, motivation, confidence, and skills to help Black women make behavioral changes that will reduce their risk for HIV and other STD’s.

SOS: Sisters Of Sojourner will also bridge the gap between HIV positive and negative Black women. We will achieve this by creating a model of care and support built around HIV positive and negative women who organize, communicate, share their life experiences, and ultimately combine forces to effectively combat HIV/AIDS within their community.

Goals of SOS: Sisters of Sojourner Include:

  • To educate Black women about HIV/AIDS, STDs, and the behaviors that increase their risk.
  • To empower Black women to take charge of and control their sexual health.
  • To encourage Black women to get tested regularly for HIV and other STD’s.
  • To link newly diagnosed HIV positive Black women to care.
  • To offer tools that enable Black women to educate others where they live, work, play, and worship.

SOS: Sisters Of Sojourner is small group, instructor lead sessions that focuses on HIV/AIDS education, HIV and STD testing, sexual risk reduction behaviors and decision making, condom negotiation, ethnic and gender pride, and reproductive health. These sessions will take place at churches, colleges and universities, community based organizations, social groups, etc.

SOS Ambassadors:

SOS Ambassadors are peer educators, not experts. SOS Ambassadors are individuals from various backgrounds; both HIV negative and HIV positive, who volunteer their time to further the conversation and continuously shed light on HIV/AIDS and its impact on Black women. Ambassadors attend SOS events to instruct or assist the instructor as well as share their personal stories/testimonies. SOS Ambassadors ensure that the goals the purpose is carried out effectively and efficiently. All SOS Ambassadors will be required to complete the American Red Cross HIV 101 training before they begin conducting workshops.

For more information on how to become an ambassador or to host a small group, please send an email to